Our Process

REV Materials utilizes a proven process to help innovators optimize resources and improve time to market with new products and solutions

“Sample to Solution”

Images are courtesy of ANSYS

Step 1

Utilize our vast library of fully characterized materials to compare and contrast currently available materials

Step 2

Using our eCommerce engine, easily order a sample for testing
Shipment of in stock items in 1-2 business days

Step 3

Conduct internal testing at your facility to determine form, fit and function of the material in your application

Step 4

Request modifications to the material based on testing results (this is the customizing phase of the process)
REV Materials will work with you to iterate and customize the material for your application or design (customize – test – iterate)
7-14 day turnaround on custom formulations
Can be done multiple times if necessary

Step 5

REV Materials will seamlessly transition your material to production and provide quotes for production volumes